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August 2016

    Travel snobbery

    I used to be a travel snob.  I’m so sorry. I used to look at people departing on cruises and pity them, what misguided souls would waste their time and money on a floating RSL?

    But now I’ve matured (~ish) and realise this attitude is deplorable and downright elitist. I’m ashamed of my previous narrow-minded views, enhanced by invisible privilege, but now see that every form of travel has worth.

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  • A (terrible) Tijuana tale

    If hell exists, it should be a single infinite queue. A universally hated phenomenon would serve a better punishment than any form of demonic torture. But there we were. Eight people wide…

  • Going alone

    When I tell people I’m travelling solo, I’m often met with responses like, “Wow, you’re brave,” “That’s risky,” or “I couldn’t do that, I’d be too lonely!” Such remarks are not…

  • Here it goes (again)

    This will be the third introductory post I have published, probably the 400th draft I have envisioned, and it will still be shit. Now I’ve made a promise to myself to…