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December 2016

    An Optimistic look-back at 2016

    In 100 years humanity – if we’re still kicking on – will surely reminisce on 2016 and think “What The Fuck.”

    Trainwreck years have been lived by us all, but if 2016 were a film it would be Dumb and Dumber II. That’s right, not even the first one.

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  • Christmas Eve in London: A Photoset

    Christmas is a busy, materialistic, loud period that reminds you who you do and do not have in your life. The ads featuring glowing, overly-saturated families having civilized inter-generational conversation across excessively…


    You've just touched down in Destination of Choice, and you're alone. Dragging your luggage off the plane / bus / train / tuk tuk, you stare out into the foreign chaos and…