Only kicked off private property ONCE!


A photo-blog with the alternate title –

“25 photos that will make you want to explore Notting Hill”

And an alternate-alternate title –

“25 photos that will make you wish you could afford to live in Notting Hill”

Plus an alternate³ title –

“25 photos that will make you cry over the fact you will never live in Notting Hill (the nice part, anyway)”

When exploring Notting Hill it is wise to keep off private steps, gates and gardens. Intimidating blonde women will yell at you from the second story windows of their mansions, insisting you plebeian scum shoo from their eyesight. But as for shots from the sidewalk, snap your awe-struck heart away. Indulge in the eye-candy extravagance on offer, and wait until you sit at the pub with a juicy pint before striking up curiosities about London’s economic inequality. A blissful day out.




























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